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British Krav Maga Liverpool Programs Will Make Massive Changes in You Almost Overnight!


More people each month are putting their trust in our British Krav Maga organisation to deliver a robust Self Defence system for themselves, staff members and families.


Be Fitter - Be Safer - Be Confident and Have a Great Time!


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Our Krav Maga self defence program based in Litherland Liverpool will turn you from ‘Couch Potato’ to ‘Hot Potato’ from ‘Fearful’ to ‘Fearless’, Your confidence will soar; as will your fitness. You'll be stronger and SAFER with our Krav Maga and Self Defence programmes almost overnight.

You’ll see an amazing difference in just a few short weeks as our program is designed to get you proficient in self defence in a short space of time. British Krav Maga is all about teaching basic easy to learn techniques based off natural gross motor skills, so what you do naturally copes under the pressure or stress of a possible attack. We are not about turning you into Military wannabe’s, dressed in combats and beating each other up. We are not an extreme survivalist group either. British Krav Maga is about providing a quick, easy to learn, robust self defence system of training for every day working people who want to feel safe in their daily lives. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website - now take the next step and get the low down on how to develop incredible skills and positive life changes..



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A Personal Welcome From Wayne Edwards

Thanks so much for visiting my website devoted to Krav maga self defence and life excellence: Combat training at its best, you’ll never feel safer with this "top of the line programme".

As you navigate around the site you’ll quickly discover why our Krav Maga program is the best possible choice to provide you with a robust system for common attacks that today’s violent times has to offer.

You'll understand why the "average" man or woman benefits so much from our Krav Maga self defence program and you'll see why our Krav Maga Manchester schools are populated by people just like you; doctors, teachers, sales people, housewives, house-husbands, students, builders and more. In fact, our Manchester Krav maga self defence classes are changing lives for the better all over the city and the county.

Get educated in the simplest ways to escape most common self defence situations whether armed, unarmed, multiple attackers and more. Get motivated and achieve your goals. Move to a whole new level of strength and health. It's all here for you - and I look forward to serving you.

In fact, to help you get rolling, I’m prepared to give you over £100 of member benefits absolutely FREE or a 30 day Free trial Manchester Krav Maga classes. Just Send your details below and click on submit to claim yours NOW!

Best Wishes

Wayne Edwards


With Proper Krav Maga Self Defence Training You Will Be Wiser, More Confident and Definitely Safer -


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