Intensive Training Program

Suitable For Security and Civilians.

This Level 1 intensive courses covers the whole first Krav Maga grade offered by the B.K.M.O.

You will be provided with a course certificate.

Level 1 Course Covers:-


Neutral Stance
Starting Stance
Advance and Retreat Footwork
Left and Right Movement

Hand Strikes

Palm Heel Strike
Eye strike
Side Hammer Fist
Back Hammer Fist
Forward Hammer Fist
Down Hammer Fist



Elbow 1 (Horizontal Elbow)
Elbow 2 (Side Elbow)
Elbow 3 (Back Elbow)
Elbow 4 (Backward vertical Low Elbow)
Elbow 5 (Backward vertical high Elbow)
Elbow 6 (Forward uppercut Elbow)
Elbow 7 (Downward Elbow)

Leg Strikes

Front Snap Kick to the groin
Front Push kick
Round Kick to body
Knee with shoulder grab
Knee with full neck grab

360° Blocking


Blocks against Straight Cross

Palm Block
Inside Block


Breakaway and Disengagements


Choke from front (two hand plucking defense)
Choke From front (one hand pluck defense)
Choke From behind (two handed pluck)
Choke From the Side 
Choke from the front while pushing
Choke from behind while pushing
Head lock From the side
Wrist Release (same side)
Wrist Release (opposite side)
Wrist Release from both hands held high
Wrist Release both hands held low
Wrist release from a double handed grab


Ground Fighting

1.) Back Position
2.) Movement on the ground
3.) Front Kick From ground
4.) Side Kick From the Ground
5.) Getting Up


Didsbury Black Belt Academy
1-7 Albert Hill Street
M20 6RF

Date: August 17th to 18th

Time: 9.30am till 4.30am
Course Duration: 12hrs

Limited Spaces Available:-

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